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Journal of Chemical Research Abstracts Edition, Volume 39, Issue No.9, September 2015

Posted on 25. September, 2015.

Download the September Abstracts Edition of Journal of Chemical Research, free of charge, now.

Designing new scaffolds consisting of hepta-annulated heterocycles

Posted on 14. January, 2015.

Dendrimers are key components in the quest to build smart nanodevices for applications in a diverse range of areas including biology and medicine. The synthesis of such macromolecules has attracted the imagination of scientists, and it has already generated a large library with varied backbones.

Contents: Journal of Chemical Research, Volume 38, Issue No.12, December, 2014

Posted on 6. January, 2015.

The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

Season's Greetings from Science Reviews 2000

Posted on 24. December, 2014.

Science Reviews 2000 Ltd would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas.

Contents: Science Progress  Volume 97 Number 4 2014

Posted on 22. December, 2014.

Science Progress commissions world authorities to contribute articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful topics - ranging from cosmology to the environment, and publishes occasional issues on specific topics.

Contents: Avian Biology Research Volume 7 Issue 4 2014

Posted on 16. December, 2014.

Avian Biology Research provides a forum for people working in every field of ornithology, including avian health, genetic effects and threats to avian species in their natural habitats.

Quantum mechanical study on the rate determining steps of the reaction between 2-aminopyrimidine with dichloro-[1-methyl-2-(naphthylazo) imidazole] palladium(II) complex

Posted on 4. December, 2014.

In this work, using quantum mechanics, the mechanism of reaction between 2-aminopyrimidine with dichloro-[1-methyl-2-(naphthylazo) imidazole] palladium(II) complex was investigated. The reaction produces two five-coordinated intermediates which are converted into final products through two possible pathways (nucleophile-dependent pathway and solvent-dependent pathway).

Investigation of heavy metal mobility and availability by the BCR sequential extraction procedure: relationship between soil properties and heavy metals availability  

Posted on 4. December, 2014.

Surface soil and corn cob samples were collected from 15 different agricultural fields of Çanakkale, Turkey, and were analysed to determine the concentration of Cd, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn. BCR sequential extraction was used to extract the binding forms of the metals in the soil samples. 

Contents: Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism, Volume 39, No.4, 2014

Posted on 4. December, 2014.

Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism presents results from the fields of kinetics and mechanisms of chemical processes in the gas phase and solution of both simple and complex systems.