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Contents: Science Progress  Volume 100 Number 2 2017

Posted on 25. May, 2017.

Science Progress commissions world authorities to contribute articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful topics - ranging from cosmology to the environment, and publishes occasional issues on specific topics.

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Long-term variation in blood glucose concentration in nestling Great Tits (Parus major)

Posted on 6. November, 2015.

In recent decades, alterations in the environment have been rapid, and the pressure exerted on many wild populations has been continuously increasing. Many changes are related to urbanisation and of suburban and near-urban areas. These habitat alterations may exert environmental stresses on birds. Therefore, the different measures of physiological stress responses of vertebrates are of special interest to researchers.

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Personal Subscriptions Now Available!

Posted on 2. November, 2015.

Science Reviews 2000 Ltd now have a personal subscription option, for both the print and online versions of our four journals.

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Total synthesis of Cannabisin B

Posted on 22. October, 2015.

Cannabisin B was first isolated from Cannabis sativa in 1992 and belongs to the group of the lignanamides which are a class of naturally occurring products that arise biosynthetically from phenylpropanoids and tyramine.

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Environmental echoes

Posted on 21. October, 2015.

Free review article in Science Progress
Allergy, auto immunity and cancer are becoming more prevalent in the developed world. One explanation might be that the immune system required to protect us from such problems is being inadequately trained, perhaps due to our increased separation from the environment which has shaped our mutating genes since we emerged from the primaeval ooze. 

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Muon tomography: looking inside dangerous places

Posted on 19. October, 2015.

Free Current Commentary article in Science Progress by Prof Chris Rhodes

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The importance of natural habitats as Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus) breeding sites

Posted on 19. October, 2015.

The biodiversity of native species is diminishing in many regions as natural habitats are being replaced by human settlements and agriculture. 

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Fuzzy Logic modelling of non-catalytic, multi-step hydrogen reduction of molybdenum disulfide in the presence of lime

Posted on 15. October, 2015.

Metal sulfide reduction in the presence of a suitable sulfur-scavenging metal oxide is an attractive process for the direct recovery of metals.

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The Global Oil Supply: Implications for Biodiversity?

Posted on 14. October, 2015.

Talk given recently by Professor Chris Rhodes at the Linnean Society of London

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