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Journal of Chemical Research Abstracts Edition, Volume 41, Issue No.10, October 2017

Posted on 14. November, 2017.

Download the October Abstracts Edition of Journal of Chemical Research, free of charge.

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Robert Hooke, polymath and flights of fancy

Posted on 24. October, 2012.

Robin Rowbury, in his final article for Science Progress, paid tribute to Robert Hooke in a series of “thumbnail sketches”. A polymath, Hooke was a gifted artist and scientist whose ideas were often pirated or under-rated.

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Contents: Journal Of Chemical Research Volume 36 Issue 10 2012

Posted on 22. October, 2012.

The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

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Contents: Progress In Reaction Kinetics And Mechanism Volume 37 Issue 4 2012

Posted on 12. October, 2012.

Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism presents results from the fields of kinetics and mechanisms of chemical processes in the gas phase and solution of both simple and complex systems.

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Contents: Avian Biology Research Volume 5 Issue 3 2012

Posted on 8. October, 2012.

Avian Biology Research provides a forum for people working in every field of ornithology, including avian health, genetic effects and threats to avian species in their natural habitats.

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Contents: Science Progress Volume 95 Part 3 2012

Posted on 28. September, 2012.

Science Progress commissions world authorities to contribute articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful topics - ranging from cosmology to the environment, and publishes occasional issues on specific topics.

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Red-legged Partridges Go Wild

Posted on 20. September, 2012.

In Tuscany, the red-legged partridge became extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. Attempts to re-establish this wild populations using farm reared birds have proved difficult. New research reported in Avian Biology Research suggests that natural rearing may be an important tool for improving the success of partridge reintroduction.

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Detoxification of Cyanide

Posted on 20. September, 2012.

The extraction of gold and silver from minerals and concentrates with cyanide is a long established hydrometallurgy process. However, the resulting industrial effluents contain high contents of free cyanide which are highly toxic. Detoxification techniques described in the latest Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability using titanium dioxide and a hydrocyclone sparger with chlorine dioxide produce excellent results.

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Efficient Odorant Synthesis

Posted on 20. September, 2012.

2-Nonen-4-olide occurs naturally in the volatile components of various foods and plant extracts, such as stewed beef/vegetable gravy,  sunflower oil,  Chinese white salted noodles watermelon, potato crisps,  lard cured with spices and aromatic herbs,  mushrooms, French fries, and flue-cured tobacco. It has an oily, coconut-like, and rancid odour. A simple, efficient and low cost synthesis of this odorant is reported in the August issue of Journal of Chemical Research.

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