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Mechanism of covalent adsorption of benzenesulfonamide onto COOH– and COCl– functionalised carbon nanotubes

Posted on 6. April, 2016.

The use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in drug delivery is a new, rapidly developing field. Different systems such as polymers, dendrimers, and liposomes have been used for drug delivery, but carbon nanotubes provide more effective structures due to their high drug loading capacities and good cell penetration qualities.

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The Determination Of Adsorption And Kinetic Parameters For Butanol

Posted on 31. August, 2010.

Emine Sert and Ferhan Sami Atalay from Ege University, Chemical Engineering Department in Turkey first consider the  determination of adsorption and kinetic parameters for butanol– acetic acid esterification system catalysed by Amberlyst 15. The effects of the reaction temperature, catalyst loading, initial mole ratio of reactants, stirrer speed and particle size were studied using a batch reactor.

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