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Contents: Journal Of Chemical Research Volume 35 Issue 12 2011

Posted on 3. January, 2012.

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This journal is covered by the following secondary information sources: Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, Current Abstracts of Chemistry/Index Chemicus, Current Chemical Reactions, Current Bibliography on Science and Technology, Science Citation Index, Bulletin Signalétique, Referativnyi Zhurnal and ChemInform.


675The mechanism of the reaction of the Tollens reagent
William E. Benet, Gabriella S. Lewis, Louise Z. Yang and D. E. Peter Hughes
678A new labdane diterpene from Rauvolfia tetraphylla Linn. (Apocynaceae)
Goutam Brahmachari, Lalan Ch. Mandal, Dilip Gorai, Avijit Mondal, Sajal Sarkar and Sasadhar Majhi
681 Synthesis of disulfide-derivatised metallodeuteroporphyrins as novel catalysts to imitate cytochrome P450 in the selective oxidation of cyclohexane
Cheng-guo Sun, Bing-cheng Hu, Wei-you Zhou, Shi-chao Xu and Zu-liang Liu
686Solvent–free synthesis of some triazolebased bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands
Jianfeng Zhao, Long Yang, Lingqiao Zhang, Jin Guo, Yanhui Shi, Guangsheng Pang and Changsheng Cao
689Unexpected synthesis of 3-(2-aminothiazol-5-yl)-3-arylpropanoates through a one-pot four-component procedure
Zheng Li and Yanbo Li
692Alboatisin A, a new diterpenoid from Euphorbia fischeriana
Libin Yang, Shaojing Liu, Bo Zhang and Yourui Suo
694Synthesis and crystallography of 8-halonaphthalene-1-carbonitriles and naphthalene-1,8-dicarbonitrile
Wayland E. Noland, Venkata Srinivasarao Narina and Doyle Britton
698Synthesis and cancer cell cytotoxicity of gold(III) tetraarylporphyrins with a C5-carboxylate substituent
Jinliang Liu, Huasheng Chen, Yan Li, Ying Chen, Leilei Mao, Aihua Xu and Cunde Wang
703Synthesis, insecticidal evaluation of novel 1,3,4-thiadiazole chrysanthemamide derivatives formed by an EDCI/HOBt condensation
Peng Yu, Jun Hu, Tao-Yu Zhou, Peng Wang and Yan-Hua Xu
707Nanoparticle silica supported sulfuric acid (NPs SiO2-H2SO4): a solid phase acidic catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of benzo[a]xanthene-11-one derivatives
Bahareh Sadeghi, Alireza Hassanabadi and Elahe Taghvatalab
709Catalyst-free amination of 2-chloronicotinic acid in water under microwave irradiation
Zheng-hua Li, Zhi-ning Xia and Gang Chen
712Preparation of methylphenyldichlorosilane through a catalytic cracking reaction of 1,2-dimethyl-1,1,2,2-tetrachlorodisilane with halobenzene
Yong-Rui Pi, Jun Tan, Hui Liu, Jie Chen, Zhu-You Qun, Yan-Bo Zeng and Lei Li
715Synthesis and characterisation of side-chain liquid-crystalline polysiloxane exhibiting spherulite texture of polymeric smectic a phase
Ying Li, Guangcheng Zhang, Ying Jiang, Zhenzhong Hou and Longgui Peng
720Oxidation of benzylic azides catalysed by iron(III) chloride with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant
Hong-Ping Zhang, You-Zhi Dai and Li-Ming Tao
723Synthesis of cinnamic acid derivatives in a water-insoluble ionic liquid
Wensheng Zhang, Wenjing Xu, Mei Liu, Yuerong Yan, Yuezhi Sun and Sheli Zhang
726Microwave-enhanced catalyst-free aminolysis of epoxides with anilines in aqueous phase: efficient synthesis of -amino secondary alcohols
Zhengyin Du, Wenwen Zhang, Yuanmin Zhang and Xiaohong Wei
729An efficient synthesis of (R)-3-aminothiolane
Xianhua Pan, Xiaohu Tao, Libo Ruan, Yiming Li, Wenhua Ou and Feng Liu
731An efficient and recyclable ligand-free PEG1000-DIL/toluene temperature-dependent biphasic system for palladium catalysed Heck reactions
Xiang Liu, Kai Yao, Yu-Lin Hu and Ming Lu
734Author Index


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