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Toxicological and analytical assessment of e-cigarette refill components on airway epithelia

Posted on 11. January, 2017.

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There are over 2.6 million users of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom alone as they have been promoted as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. Currently there are over 7,500 flavour variations available which have proven to be popular with younger generations. 

E-cigarettes are sold as a healthier option to tobacco smoke and physicians are currently being asked for their opinions in this area. So far research has proven that the e-cigarette vapour is not benign, but less hazardous than traditional cigarettes. 

In this Open Access review, the authors survey the range of studies in the short timeframe since e-cigarettes reached the market to draw attention to the health associated risks and benefits of their introduction. They complement this review with a case study reporting on the composition of selected e-cigarette refills with particular emphasis on the toxicological activity of its components on lung cells.

Keywords: e-cigarettes, flavours, Beas2B, toxic

Authors: Jasjot Singh, Emilie Luquet, David P.T.Smith, Herman J.Potgieter, Patricia Ragazzon

Read the full Open Access article in Science Progress Volume 99, Number 4, December 2016, pp. 351-398
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.