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Contents: Journal of Chemical Research , Volume 40, Issue No.11, November 2016 

The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

645 Synthesis of allenes through triazole gold(III) catalysed rearrangement of propargyl vinyl ethers
Dawei Wang, Yongchun Yang, Ronghui Huang, Likui Wang, Huida Wan
648 Mauveine and the mauve shade six pence stamp 
M.John Plater, Andrea Raab
652 A green, one-pot formation of imidazolone and pyrimidinone derivatives containing a sulfonyl group 
Manijeh Nematpour, Samira Rasouli Koohi, Elahe Abedi, Mahbob Lotfi
655 Choline hydroxide as an efficient catalyst for the diastereoselective synthesis of trans-2,3-dihydrofuro[3,2-c]coumarins in an aqueous medium 
Maryam Salari, Mohammad H.Mosslemin, Alireza Hassanabadi
659 Water soluble copper(II) and zinc(II) complexes of mangiferin: synthesis, antitumour activity and DNA binding studies
Jiao-Lan Qin, Sheng-Ping Deng, Yun-Liang Zhang, Tao Yuan, Ying-Bo Li, Hong-Hua Han, Yan-Cheng Liu, Zhen-Feng Chen
664 Synthesis of 4,5-dihydropyrazolyl-2H-indenediones by aldol condensation of ninhydrin with 1H-pyrazol-5-ol
Ebrahim Soleimani, Mina Hariri, Arman Rostamzadeh, Somayeh Ghorbani
667 A facile and practical synthesis of (–)-tasimelteon 
Senyang Mi, Xinzhe Sun, Chaogang Wu, Xingxian Zhang
670 Convenient synthesis of unsymmetrical N,N'-disubstituted thioureas in water
Zhengyi Li, Yuan Chen, Yue Yin, Zhiming Wang, Xiaoqiang Sun
674 Synthesis of novel antiproliferative 1,2,3-triazole hybrids using the molecular hybridisation approach
Dong-Jun Fu, Jian Song, Ruo-Han Zhao, Ying-Chao Liu, Yan-Bing Zhang, Hong-Min Liu
678 Effects of rhodium doping on the microstructures and photocatalytic performances of TiO2 powders 
Liu Xiu-Hua, Meng Dan, Deng Yi
683 Knoevenagel condensation between C-glycoside and active methylene compounds without catalysts
Xiaomin Gu, Zhijie Fang
687 Synthesis and antibacterial activity of new spiro-isoquinolin-1-ones
Nafâa Jegham, Mourad Ben Braiek, Yakdhane Kacem, Béchir Ben Hassine
691 Palladium-catalysed and phosphine-promoted synthesis of diaryl ethers through self-coupling
Dawei Wang, Zhaojun Xu, Xiaoli Yu, Yongliang Li, Huida Wan
694 Selective hydrolysis of 1-cyanocyclopropane-1-carboxylates: concise preparation of 1-carbamoylcyclopropane-1-carboxylates
Jiaming Liu, Feixiang Zhang, Ting Wang, Xushun Qing, Cunde Wang
698 A practical and diastereoselective synthesis of dihydrofurocoumarin from pyridinium ylides in aqueous medium
Litao An, Xiaojun Sun, Lulu Zhang, Jianfeng Zhou, Fengxia Zhu, Zhengjia Shen
704 Review of the mechanism and operational factors influencing the degradation process of contaminants in heterogenous photocatalysis
Nurul Aiin Ab Aziz, Puganeshwary Palaniandy, Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Irvan Dahlan

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