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Contents: Journal of Chemical Research , Volume 40, Issue No.9, September 2016

The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

515 Practical synthesis of symmetrical thioureas and heterocyclic thiones in water 
Practical synthesis of symmetrical thioureas and heterocyclic thiones in water
519 A convenient synthesis of 1-aralkyl-4-benzylpiperazine derivatives
Xiao Hu, Hui Chen, Wei-Jun Wu, Wen-Ling Wang, Jin Wang
521 Diastereo- and enantioselective preparation of oxazolines via the base-catalysed aldol reaction of isocyanoacetates with aldehydes using cinchona alkaloids
Rui-Chuan Diao, Wen-Tao Zhao, Shen Li
526 CeO2 nanoparticles: a robust and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for the diastereoselective synthesis of β-acetamido esters 
Hossein Rafieemehr, Javad Safaei-Ghomi
529 Solvent- and catalyst-free synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines under microwave irradiation
Dulin Kong, Xianghui Wang, Zaifeng Shi, Mingshu Wu, Qiang Lin, Xin Wang
532 Tosylimidazole-mediated one-pot synthesis of 2-azetidinones 
Saleheh Zavar, Maaroof Zarei, Mahnaz Saraei
535 Catalyst-free synthesis of (7E)-7-benzylidene-3,3a,4,5,6,7-hexahydro-2,3-diphenyl-2H-indazole derivatives in PEG-400 as a green and reusable solvent 
Ali Amoozadeh, Elham Tabrizian, Mehdi Salehi, Maciej Kubicki, Salman Rahmani, Taiebeh Shamsi, Mehrnoosh Bitaraf
540 Highly efficient four-component synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyanopyridines using doped nano-sized copper(I) oxide (Cu2O) on melamine–formaldehyde resin
Somayeh Behrouz
545 Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel C1-glycosyl thiazole derivatives as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Long Yin, Feng–Chang Cheng, Qu–Xiang Li, Wei–Wei Liu, Xiu–Jian Liu, Zhi–Ling Cao, Da–Hua Shia
549 Synthesis of meso-tetraarylporphyrins using hafnium (IV) bis(perfluorooctanesulfonyl)imide complex in perfluorodecalin medium
Mei Hong, Junmin Yan
552 One-pot synthesis of size and shape controlled copper nanostructures in aqueous media and their application for fast catalytic degradation of organic dyes 
Farzaneh Ebrahimzadeh, Kuan Zong Fung
558 Synthesis and biological evaluation of various new bis-isoxazoline derivatives as potential antioxidant additives
Yongming Zeng, Hongxi Zhang, Bin Wang, Lizhong Zhang, Laiqi Xue, Xiufeng Zhao
564 A highly enantioselective synthesis of (R)-salmeterol using a chiral auxiliary 
Lijue Jiang, Chenggang Lin, Yinhua Qiu, Xu Quan, Jing Zhu, Haijian Shi
567 Green synthesis of aurones and related compounds under solvent-free conditions 
Karima Boussafi, Didier Villemin, Nathalie Bar, Mabrouk Belghosi
570 Trifluoromethanesulfonimide catalysed synthesis of 1-substituted-1H-1,2,3,4-tetrazoles using glycerol as green solvent at room temperature 
Hongshe Wang, Fenyan Wei, Qi Chen, Xiaobing Hu, Xiaomei Niu
573 Synthesis of several new quinazolin-4-amines containing p-toluenesulfonate moiety 
Zhi-qiang Cai, Zheng-sheng Jin, De-qiang Zhengb, Ling Hou, Guan-wang Huang, Jun-qiang Tian, Guo-jiang Wang
Synthesis of 4-aryl-1-ethyl-7-methyl-1,9-dihydropyrano[4,3-b]pyrazolo[4,3-e] pyridin-5(4H)-one via a three-component condensation
Alireza Hassanabadi, Khatereh Khandan-Barani, Jilla Saffari

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