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Science Progress ISSN 0036-8504

 Volume 99 Number 4 2016

Science Progress commissions world authorities to contribute articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful topics - ranging from cosmology to the environment, and publishes occasional issues on specific topics.

351 Toxicological and analytical assessment of e-cigarette refill components on airway epithelia 
Jasjot Singh, Emilie Luquet, David P.T.Smith, Herman J.Potgieter, Patricia Ragazzon
399 Understanding and combating resistance to online learning 
John Vivolo
413 From Caá-ehé to a commercial sweetener – the diterpenoid glycosides of Stevia rebaudiana 
James R.Hanson
420 The interplay between DNA topology and accessory factors in site-specific recombination in bacteria and their bacteriophages
Charles J.Dorman, Marina M.Bogue
438 Current commentary: Plasmonic nanoparticles and solar cells 
Christopher J.Rhodes
450 Current commentary: Genetically modified algae produce hydrogen biofuel at five times their normal yield 
Christopher J.Rhodes
452 Current commentary: The 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, awarded for: "The Design and Synthesis of Molecular Machines"
Christopher J.Rhodes
455 Current commentary: A new morphological trait in forensic identification – middle phalangeal hair (MPH) 
Kewal Krishan, Tanuj Kanchan
459 Conference report: 'New Life Sciences: The Road Ahead'. Report on the BioVisionAlexandria 2016 Conference 
Marwa Elwakil, Nathalie Roman, Marwa Abdel Rassoul, Israa Elfayoumi, Yousra Sobeih, Mohamed El-Faham