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Syntheses and structures of a class of bridged bis(amidinate)s and derivatives

Posted on 20. June, 2018.

Amidinates are versatile ligands used in the fields of coordination and organometallic chemistry because their steric and electronic properties can be easily modulated by varying the substituents on the C and N atoms.

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Wittig- and Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons-olefination reactions with stabilised and semi-stabilised phosphoranes and phosphonates under non-classical conditions - Free review article  

Posted on 15. September, 2014.

The Wittig-olefination of aldehydes and ketones with phosphoranes and the Horner–Wadsworth–Emmons (HWE) reaction utilising phosphonates are versatile reactions which are often used in synthetic strategies.

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Hydrolysis of scutellarin and related glycosides to scutellarein and the corresponding aglycones

Posted on 21. August, 2014.

Scutellarein (5, 6, 7, 4′‑tetrahydroxyflavone, SCUE, 1,) is the aglycone of scutellarin (scutellarein-7-O-glucuronide, SCU, 2,), and is the main active constituent of breviscapine, an extract from the Chinese traditional herb Erigeron breviscapus (vant.) Hand.-Mazz.

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Synthesis and anticholinesterase inhibitory activity of Mannich base derivatives of flavonoids

Posted on 14. August, 2014.

Flavonoids are phenolic secondary metabolites that are widely distributed throughout the plant kingdom. Chalcones which are flavonoids precursors, are open-chain flavonoids in which the two aromatic rings are joined by a three carbon α, β‑unsaturated carbonyl system. They have been identified as antitumour agents, antiinflammatory, antivirus agents, antioxidants and free radical scavengers.

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Synthesis of some novel benzoxazolinonylcarboxamides as potential  anti-inflammatory agents  

Posted on 1. July, 2014.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) represent one of the most extensively utilised classes of pharmaceutical agents worldwide, and have been used in the treatment of pain, nociception, fever and inflammatory diseases, especially arthritis.

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Synthesis of novel 1,2-diphenylpyrrole derivatives using organophosphorus reagents and their antitumour activities

Posted on 24. June, 2014.

Compounds containing the pyrrolidine ring are widely distributed in nature. Moreover, the pyrrolidine ring is present as the main part in the pyrrolidine alkaloids such as hygrine and cuscohygrine, and also in various types of alkaloidal skeletons such as nicotine and the physostigma venenosum alkaloids.

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Synthesis and insecticidal evaluation of aryl pyrazole 5‑fluorouracil compounds

Posted on 5. June, 2014.

Aryl pyrazole derivatives occupy an important position in medicinal and pesticide chemistry because of their diverse 


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Synthesis of 24(28)-methylene-1α-hydroxyvitamin D3, a novel vitamin D3 analogue

Posted on 8. May, 2014.

In healthy humans, vitamin D3 which is produced from 7-dehydrocholesterol by UV exposure on skin surface, undergoes two metabolic oxidations to afford the physiologically active form of vitamin D3 (1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, calcitriol).

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A new alkaloid from the mycelium of Inonotus obliquus

Posted on 11. April, 2014.

Inonotus obliquus, a white rot fungus that belongs to the family Hymenochaetaceae (Basidiomycetes), is mainly distributed in Europe, Asia, and North America. It has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes since the 16th century in Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries and has been reported to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory and hepatoprotective effects.

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