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Syntheses and structures of a class of bridged bis(amidinate)s and derivatives

Posted on 20. June, 2018.

Amidinates are versatile ligands used in the fields of coordination and organometallic chemistry because their steric and electronic properties can be easily modulated by varying the substituents on the C and N atoms.

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Strategies for the synthesis of 2,3-dihydrobenzofurans

Posted on 20. July, 2011.

The diverse biological activities exhibited by 2,3-dihydrobenzofurans (DHBs)suggest that they have great potential as lead compounds in the study of biological processes and the treatment of disease. In the July issue of Journal of Chemical Research, Tom Sheppard from UCL reviews  the synthetic strategies available. He hopes  to stimulate greater interest in the study of DHBs in medicinal chemistry, and promote further improvement of the synthetic strategies available for constructing them.

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Nitroxides: Versatile Reporters and Reactants

Posted on 14. June, 2011.

First synthesised in the early 1960s, nitroxides have become probably the most popular persistent radicals. Their long half lives and the sensitivity of their spectromagnetic properties to local environment (polarity, hydrogen bonding power, pH and viscosity of the surrounding medium and proximity to other paramagnetic or charged species) and intramolecular effects (conformation and vibrational behaviour) make them attractive tools in various areas of application, particularly in the fields of biochemistry, biophysics and materials science.

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Journal of Chemical Research has a new ISSN

Posted on 10. March, 2011.

Journal of Chemical Research-S has now officially become Journal of Chemical Research!

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Advances in the Krapcho Decarboxylation

Posted on 17. February, 2011.

In February’s issue of Journal of Chemical Research, Dr Ajoy K. Banerjee, Dr Po. S. Poon and Manuel S. Laya present a review entitled “Advances in the Krapcho decarboxylation”.

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Microwave Assisted Reduction of Aromatic Nitro Compounds

Posted on 26. January, 2011.

In the Journal of Chemical Research, a group from the Lorestan University Chemistry Dept describe how they used nanosized perovskite-type powder, as a heterogeneous catalyst.

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Thies Thiemann Discusses Photooxygenation

Posted on 15. December, 2010.

The photooxygenation of thiophenes, benzo)b)thiophenes and dibenzothiophenes are discussed in the December issue of Journal of Chemical Research, especially in view of the oxidative removal from fuels.

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A New Triterpenoid from Traditional Chinese Medicine Poria Cocos

Posted on 22. October, 2010.

A new triterpenoid, 3,4-secolanosta-4(28),7,9,24Z-teraen-3,26-dioic acid, along with two known compounds 16-deoxyporicoic acid B and 3-epidehydrotrametenolic acid were isolated from the dried sclerotia of Poria cocos Wolf (Polyporaceae). The structures are elucidated by spectroscopic methods and literatures.

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The Sulfonamide Motif as a Synthetic Tool

Posted on 5. October, 2010.

Sulfonamides are well known motifs in medicinal chemistry, forming a large family of antibacterial agents as well as being found in numerous other drugs.  The chemistry of this functional group, however, is less well documented.  This review seeks to bring together the various applications and advantages of this motif in organic synthesis, which includes the sulfonamide as an activating group, protecting group, leaving group and as a molecular scaffold.

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