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Farewell to Materials at High Temperatures

Posted on 20. December, 2013.

With the publication of Volume 30, Issue 4, Science Reviews 2000 bids farewell to Materials at High Temperatures. From January 2014 this highly respected journal will be produced by Maney Publishing. Click here to read the press release.

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Intergranular Corrosion Of High Temperature Alloys In Molten Fluoride Salts

Posted on 17. June, 2010.

A number of high temperature Ni-based and Fe –Ni-based alloys, were evaluated for their corrosion resistance in molten FLiNaK salt at 850oC for 500 h, in graphite crucibles. Based on this test, the corrosion performance of the various alloys may be ranked as follows (in the order of increasing corrosion resistance): Haynes-230, Inconel-617, Incoloy-800H, Hastelloy-X, Hastelloy-N, and Ni-201.

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Oxidation And Spallation Of FeCrAl Alloys And Thermal Barrier Coatings

Posted on 17. June, 2010.

The specificities of a new automated cyclic oxidation test consist of: (i) the precise control of the thermal gradient that establishes through the thickness of the investigated specimens to closely reproduce the condition of high temperature materials use, and (ii) the video recording of cooling sequences to address surface degradation on a real-time basis.

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Results Of A Low Cycle Fatigue Inter-Laboratory Comparison On 1CrMoNiV Rotor Steel At Elevated Temperatures

Posted on 14. June, 2010.

A special low cycle fatigue (LCF) programme has been performed on a 1CrMoNiV rotor steel at a temperature of 525 degrees centigrade. In this programme, 15 laboratories have tested a total of 67 test pieces at a single applied total strain range. The programme focused on an examination of typical laboratory practices likely to affect the degree of scatter in LCF endurance. As a feature, bending measurements have been performed at room temperature immediately prior to the start of each test.

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