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A review on modified carbon materials as promising agents for hydrogen storage

Posted on 28. August, 2018.

Nowadays, energy is an important issue in all countries and this essential subject and the drawbacks of fossil fuels have encouraged researchers to develop new energies. However, among these new energies such as solar energy, wind energy and others, hydrogen is pre-eminent because it has no pollutant by-product and it is thus clean with a huge thermal energy. However, it is not applicable in many industries because of obstacles such as safety, volatility, explosive hazards and low compressibility. 

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Electron Spin Resonance: a Diagnostic Method in the Biomedical Sciences

Posted on 31. January, 2011.

Professor Christopher Rhodes presents a review on Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectroscopy.

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Nanoparticles and Modulation of Immune Responses

Posted on 26. January, 2011.

In the latest issue of Science Progress, Dr Igor Pantic of the University of Belgrade, reviews the role of nanoparticles in immune system responses. Do engineered nanoparticles have a role in producing safer and more efficient biomaterials?

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The Overlooked Link Between Non-Virus Microbes and Cancer...

Posted on 12. November, 2010.

In the next issue of Science Progress, Milton Wainwright presents a review on "The overlooked link between non-virus microbes and cancer". What if the cause of cancer had been known and ignored for more than a century? What is all the suffering and deaths over this period resulting from the "big C" could have been prevented, or at least reduced by the acceptance of a simple theory?

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Science Progress Editor to Take Part in a Series of Public Lectures at the Society of Chemical Industry

Posted on 13. October, 2010.

Science Progress Editor Emeritus Professor David Phillips OBE, is due to take part in a series of public lectures at The Society of Chemical Industry.

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State of the Art of Photovoltaic Technologies

Posted on 28. September, 2010.

Our sun is the only sustainable energy source large enough to supply carbon-neutral energy to meet humanity’s entire energy demand. However, there is a large gap between Europe’s solar energy use (less than 1% of the total) and the enormous, untapped potential of the sun. There could be several reasons listed why it is so – social, political, technological – but the fundamental reason is insufficient efficiency of sunlight-to-energy conversion devices manufactured from inexpensive materials thus preventing large scale uptake. Along with thermal and photoelectrochemical sunlight-to-energy conversion, photovoltaics – an approach of converting sunlight directly into electricity – is probably most mature for contributing to the increasing renewable energy use.

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In the Next Issue of Science Progress...Nuclear Energy

Posted on 24. September, 2010.

With rising concern about climatic effects attributed in part to the use of fossil carbon-based fuels, and about possible difficulties in their future supply, nuclear energy promises to become increasingly important in coming decades.

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Announcement of Deaths

Posted on 21. September, 2010.

Science Reviews is sorry to announce the recent deaths of two of our Editors Emeriti on Science Progress.

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Science Progress Editor Becomes President of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Posted on 21. September, 2010.

Science Progress Editor Emeritus Professor David Phillips OBE has taken office as President of the Royal Society of Chemistry until the AGM in july 2012. As previously reported, David won the prestigious Porter Medal in April 2010.

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