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A review on modified carbon materials as promising agents for hydrogen storage

Posted on 28. August, 2018.

Nowadays, energy is an important issue in all countries and this essential subject and the drawbacks of fossil fuels have encouraged researchers to develop new energies. However, among these new energies such as solar energy, wind energy and others, hydrogen is pre-eminent because it has no pollutant by-product and it is thus clean with a huge thermal energy. However, it is not applicable in many industries because of obstacles such as safety, volatility, explosive hazards and low compressibility. 

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In The Next Issue Of Science Progress...

Posted on 19. August, 2010.

In the next issue of Science Progress, Professor Chris Rhodes, the Director of Fresh-lands Environmental Actions,  discusses the  properties and applications of zeolites. These aluminosilicate solids contain a negatively charged honeycomb framework of micropores into which molecules may be adsorbed for environmental decontamination, and to catalyse chemical reactions. Zeolites are central to green-chemistry since the necessity for organic solvents is minimised.

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Emeritus Editor Of Science Progress Wins The Porter Medal

Posted on 1. July, 2010.

David Phillips OBE a long standing member of the Science Progress editorial team has been awarded The Porter Medal – the first British scientist to do so since its inauguration in 1988.

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