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Some Spectroscopic Problems In Practical Organic Chemistry

Posted on 11. October, 2018.

A book of undergraduate organic chemistry experiments by Professor Jim Hanson

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Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability: change of publishing arrangements

Posted on 24. November, 2014.

We are pleased to announce that Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability will now be published by Taylor and Francis.

With immediate effect, please direct all submissions and enquiries regarding the journal to

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UKSG - Remember, remember the third week of November!

Posted on 24. October, 2014.

UKSG will be running two major events in November, the One-Day Conference on 20 Nov 2014 and the UKSG Forum on 21 Nov 2014. Organised over two consecutive days and held in the same central London venue, but with a very different approach, these two separate events are designed to address key topical issues and allow delegates to meet with customers and suppliers.

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Avian Biology Research – Opportunity for editor with avian disease specialism.

Posted on 7. September, 2014.

Avian Biology Research is looking to recruit a new editor with an avian disease specialism.

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Would you like to publish  a book? - We would like to hear from you!

Posted on 12. August, 2014.

Science Reviews 2000 have a proud history of producing good quality books in all scientific disciplines at a reasonable cost to the author.

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Free from the archives: The origin of life II: How did it begin?

Posted on 9. August, 2014.

The problem of how a mixture of chemicals can spontaneously transform themselves into even a simple living organism remains one of the great outstanding challenges to science. Various primordial soup theories have been proposed in which chemical self-organization brings about the required level of complexity.

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Free from the archives - The origin of life I: When and where did it begin? 

Posted on 8. August, 2014.

For decades most scientists assumed that life emerged billions of years ago in a “primordial soup” somewhere on the Earth’s surface. Evidence is mounting, however, that life may have begun deep beneath the surface, perhaps near a volcanic ocean vent or even inside the hot crust itself. Since there are hints that life’s history on Earth extends back through the phase of massive cosmic bombardment, it may be that life started on Mars and came here later, perhaps inside rocks ejected from the Red Planet by large impacts.

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Six months in, and 80 percent of UK library services sign up to Access to Research

Posted on 6. August, 2014.

- 10 million academic articles now included in the initiative -

 Since launching earlier this year, the Access to Research initiative has grown quickly to include the majority of local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales.

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The mechanism of the reaction of the Tollens reagent - Download for free during the next 24 hours

Posted on 6. August, 2014.

The Tollens test for aldehydes has been used for over 100 years but no reason has been given for adding sodium hydroxide to the silver nitrate before the solution is cleared with ammonia. In this paper, a mechanism is proposed which explains why the addition of alkali makes the test much more sensitive.

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