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"50 Great Writers You Should be Reading"

Posted on 11. December, 2015.

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Congratulations to Science Progress editor Professor Chris Rhodes who, along with his children's book, Hippy the Happy Hippopotamus, has been declared a Winner in the 2015 Authors Show  "50 Great Writers You Should be Readingcontest!! 

Hippy the Happy Hippopotamus is the first in a series of children's books, about a young hippo growing up in Africa, with his family, "The Brushytails."

Here is what others have been saying about the book.

"Author Chris Rhodes explores values of empathy and co-operation in a modern day eco-parable centred around the adventures of Hippy and his Hippo family and friends."

Dragons Cooperative

“This is a new children’s book, penned by Professor Chris Rhodes, someone acutely aware of peak oil, climate change and the challenges of the 21st century and wanted to created a narrative for children infused with co-operative values and sensibilities.

Bearing in mind the next generation is going to be challenged in all sorts of ways as yet un-anticipated by the changing world, their abilities to work together to solve problems are likely to be paramount.

Personally, the whole idea of Hippy the Happy Hippo begs the question of are we preparing the next generation for what is coming, or for what has passed by already?”

Education for Change