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Advances in the Krapcho Decarboxylation

Posted on 17. February, 2011.

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In February’s issue of Journal of Chemical Research, Dr Ajoy K. Banerjee, Dr Po. S. Poon and Manuel S. Laya present a review entitled “Advances in the Krapcho decarboxylation”.

DOI: 10.3184/174751911X12964930076403

This review provides a brief description of the Krapcho dealkoxycarbonylation and its recent applications in the synthesis of organic compounds and natural products. The general features of the Krapcho reaction, its mechanism and several modifications of the Krapcho reaction are discussed.

Po. S. Poon, who received her Doctorate degree in 2007 from Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), is working at IVIC as an Investigator in the Department of Chemistry. Her research encompases the synthesis of terpenoid and bioactive compounds. She received the Paula Prize from IVIC for her high academic achievement.

Manuel S. Laya obtained his MSc degree in 1997 from IVIC and is now working as Research Associate in the Department of Organic Chemistry, IVIC. He has published more than 30 papers, most of which are related to synthetic studies on terpenoid compounds.

Ajoy K. Banerjee, who received his PhD in 1965 from the University of Kolkata (India), joined IVIC in 1968. Since 1982 he has been working as Senior Research Scientist. Most of his work is related to synthetic studies on terpenoid compounds (diterpenes and sesquitepenes). He teaches organic chemistry and supervises students who join IVIC for MSc or PhD degrees. Dr Banerjee is the author of two books on organic chemistry, written in Spanish, and several papers.

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