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Contents: Avian Biology Research Volume 9 Issue 3 2016

Posted on 8. September, 2016.

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Avian Biology Research provides a forum for people working in every field of ornithology, including avian health, genetic effects and threats to avian species in their natural habitats.

159 Endogenous corticosterone elevations five hours prior to ovulation do not influence offspring sex ratios in Zebra Finches 
A.E.Gam, K.J.Navara
139 New microsatellite markers for two sympatric tinamou species, the Ornate Tinamou (Nothoprocta ornata) and Darwin's Nothura (Nothura darwinii
Lina Maria Giraldo Deck, Jan Christian Habel, Manuel Curto, Martin Husemann, Sarah Sturm, Álvaro Garitano-Zavala, Harald Meimberg
147 Effects of exposure to monochromatic light on pigeon squab performance and growth-related hormones 
Y.Wang, W.Cao, B.Li, J.Ding, H.Yang
152 Relationship between blood haemoglobin and glucose concentrations in adult Great Tits (Parus major) and Blue Tits (Cyanistes caeruleus
Adam Kaliński, Mirosława Bańbura, Michał Glądalski, Marcin Markowski, Joanna Skwarska, Jarosław Wawrzyniak, Piotr Zieliński, Iwona Cyżewska, Jerzy Bańbura
159 Wind patterns affect migration flyways and flock size of a soaring bird over sea 
Nicolantonio Agostini, Marco Gustin, Jost von Hardenberg, Michele Panuccio
167 Weather mediated impacts on the breeding output of an Afro-Palearctic migratory waterbird 
Camilo Carneiro, Edna Correia, David Gonçalves, Rui Brito, António Luís, José A.Alves
174 Plasticity and stereotypy in avian foraging during secondary succession in temperate forests 
Merrilyn Serong, Alan Lill
195 Development of novel microsatellite markers for the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) and their utility in cross-species amplification 
Christy L.Haughey, George K.Sage, Gabriel R.DeGange, Sarah A.Sonsthagen, Sandra L.Talbot
200 Variation in viral shedding patterns between domestic and wild terrestrial birds infected experimentally with reassortant avian influenza virus (H9N2) 
Sajid Umar, Abdul Rehman, Sajjad Asif, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Atif, Shahzad Ali, Muhammad Tanveer Munir, Asif Ali, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Ali Abdullah Shah
207 Comparison of extenders for liquid storage of Indian Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus murghi) spermatozoa 
Bushra Allah Rakha, Muhammad Sajjad Ansari, Iftikhar Hussain, Maqsood Anwar, Shamim Akhter, Elizabeth Blesbois