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Contents: Chemical Speciation And Bioavailability Volume 25 Issue 2 2013

Posted on 2. July, 2013.

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Chemical Speciation & Bioavailability covers all aspects of environmental science and pollution.

79Metal accumulation and physiological responses induced by copper and cadmium in Lemna gibba, L. minor and Spirodela polyrhiza
Zeynep Banu DoÈanlar
89Phenomenal changes in the forms of nitrogen: results from a coastal zone of south west India
S. M. Nair, A. N. Balchand, K. J. Prashob Peter and Anu Gopinath
97 The profile distribution of Zn and the Zn2+–pH isotherms of savanna alfisols irrigated with untreated wastewater in Northern Nigeria
G.N. Egwu and J.O. Agbenin
106Effect of battery-manufacturing effluent on endogenous antioxidant in freshwater fish
Anwar Ahmad and Daoud Ali
113Chemical fractionation of nickel in asphaltite based bottom ash
Isil Aydin, Firat Aydin, Ersin Kilinc, M.Zahir Duz and Candan Hamamci
119Soil microbial biomass influence on strontium availability in mine soil
Alja Margon, Claudio Mondini, Massimiliano Valentini, Mena Ritota and Liviana Leita
125Concentrations and chemical forms of heavy metals in agricultural soil near the world’s largest and oldest tungsten mine located in China
Xiao Shao, Hongguang Cheng, Xiaoli Duan and Chunye Lin
133Synthesis, spectral characterisation and cytotoxic effect of metal complexes of 2-(2-(4-carboxyphenyl)guanidino)acetic acid ligand
Abdou Saad El-Tabl, Moshira Abd-Elwahed and Moustafa Hemid Mohammed
147Chemical speciation of L-proline complexes of Ca(II), Zn(II) and Mn(II) inacetonitrile–water mixtures
Boddu Veeraswami, Peketi Bhushanavathi, Uppuleti Viplavaprasad and Gollapalli Nageswara Rao

Cover picture: Close-up of different duckweed species on the surface of a pond: Lemna gibba and Wolffia. Christian Fischer