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Contents: Journal Of Chemical Research Volume 35 Issue 11 2011

Posted on 29. November, 2011.

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This journal is covered by the following secondary information sources: Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents, Current Abstracts of Chemistry/Index Chemicus, Current Chemical Reactions, Current Bibliography on Science and Technology, Science Citation Index, Bulletin Signalétique, Referativnyi Zhurnal and ChemInform.


6152-Substituted-isoindoles: a novel synthetic route and a study of the Diels–Alder and Michael reactions
Zoia V. Voitenko, Volodymyr V. Sypchenko, Igor V. Levkov, Lyudmila M. Potikha, Volodymyr A. Kovtunenko, Oleg V. Shishkin and Svetlana V. Shishkina
619Synthesis, crystal structure and luminescent properties of a 1D Cd(II) complex with a bent connector: 1H-3-(3-pyridyl)-5-(4-pyridyl)-1,2,4-triazole
Yun-Liang Zhang, Hai-Ye Li, Fu-Ping Huang, Jie-Hong Li and Wu-Shi Qing
622 Preparation of methyl (2-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl)(aryl)methyl/benzylcarbamate derivatives using magnesium (II) 2,2,2-trifl uoroacetate as an effi cient catalyst
Mohammad Reza Mohammad Shafi ee, Raheleh Moloudi and Majid Ghashang
626Synthesis, crystal structure and fl uorescent property of a novel dansyl- based fluorescent probe
Zhang Yong, Ma Zhi-Gang and Ku Zong-Jun
628A facile N-monoalkylation of aminopyridines
Zhongzhen Tian, Dongmei Li, Zhaoxing Jiang and Zhong Li
630Microwave-assisted Claisen rearrangement/Diels–Alder cascade reaction for the synthesis of caged Garcinia natural products and analogues
Xiang Li, Xiaojin Zhang, Zhuoqin Yu, Xiaorong Liu, Qidong You and Qinglong Guo
634Triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate as a catalyst for the preparation of 1,5-diaryl-3-(arylamino)-1H-pyrrol-2(5H)-one derivatives
Mohammad Reza Mohammad Shafi ee, Batool Hojati Najafabadi and Majid Ghashang
637Novel stereoselective synthesis of (Z)--unsaturated esters by hydrostannylation-Stille tandem reaction of alkynyl esters with aryl iodides
Jianying Li, Yan Yu, Mingzhu Cheng and Mingzhong Cai
640An improved synthesis of a -blocker celiprolol hydrochloride
Li Ji, Xiao-yuan Mao, Chao Qian and Xin-zhi Chen
644Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of two polymorphs of (3-nitro-4-bromophenyl)acetic acid
Yu-Hua Ge and Ge Gao
647Correlation of the rates of solvolysis of 3,4,5-trimethoxy- and 2,4,6-trichlorobenzoyl chlorides
Kyoung-Ho Park and Dennis N. Kevill
654An improved one-pot synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from propylene oxide, CO2 and methanol
Bin Fan, Bo Qu, Qingchuan Chen, Yicun Wen, Liang Cai and Rui Zhang
657A mild and facile synthesis of cyclic imides using pyridinium chlorochromate
Yanyan Yang, Ge Wang, Xiaohui Cao, Xilong Yan and Ligong Chen
659Isolation and identifi cation of antibiotic albafl avenone from Dictyophora indusiata (Vent:Pers.) Fischer
Mingquan Huang, Xi Chen, Hongyu Tian, Baoguo Sun and Haitao Chen
661Three-component reaction between alkyl isocyanides, dialkyl acetylenedicarboxylates, and carboxylic acids
Alireza Hassanabadi, Mohammad H. Mosslemin, Sonia Singh and Seyyed Ali Shaterchi
664A new cycloartane-type triterpenoid from the stigma of Zea mays L
Yin Qiang, Jing-Man Ni, Yan-Bin Shi, Xiao-Yun Zhang, Xian Yang and Shou-Tang Li
666Synthesis of nanoparticles silica supported sulfuric acid (NPs SiO2–H2SO4): a solid phase acidic catalyst for one-pot synthesis of 4H-chromene derivatives
Bahareh Sadeghi, Alireza Hassanabadi and Somayeh Bidaki
669A partial synthesis of 5,8-O-dimethylshikonin and 6-isomer of 5,8-O-dimethylshikonin
Xiaogang Zheng, Rubing Wang, Mengyuan Zhu, Zheng Jing and Shaoshun Li
672Synthesis of benzimidazole thiazolinone derivatives under microwave irradiation
Jun Hu, Peng Yu, Taoyu Zhou and Yanhua Xu