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Contents: Journal of Chemical Research , Volume 39, Issue No.11, November 2015

Posted on 20. November, 2015.

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The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

617 Chiral acylic synthetic intermediates from readily available monoterpenoids
James R.Hanson
622 Stability of tungsten oxide nanoparticles in different media 
Abirami Ragunathan, Rajasekar Krishnan, Balkis Ameen Kamaludeen
627 Highly regioselective and stereoselective hydrostannylation of (Z)-2-ethoxycarbonyl-1,3-enynes leading to (1E,3E)-2- ethoxycarbonyl-3-stannyl-1,3-dienes
Pingping Wang, Bin Huang, Shiyun Xie, Yuxin Tuo, Mingzhong Cai
631 Synthesis of cyanamides from isoselenocyanates promoted by recyclable ionic liquid-supported (diacetoxyiodo)benzene
Xue Li, Yingyi Huang, Bin Gan, Zhisheng Mi, Yuanyuan Xie
635 Stereoelectronic effects: a powerful concept in explaning kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of retro cheletropic reactions 
Hossein Sabet-Sarvestani, Hossein Eshghi, Mohammad Izadyar, Mehdi Bakavoli, Nazanin Noroozi-Shad, Fariborz Ziaee
640 Effect of steric congestion on the stepwise character and synchronicity of a 1,3-dipolar reaction of a nitrile ylide and an olefin
Seyyed Amir Siadati
645 Synthesis of new coumarin containing benzimidazole derivatives 
Emre Menteşe, Fatih Yılmaz, Fatih Mutlu, Bahittin Kahveci
649 Sonochemical synthesis and characterisation of lead sulfide nanoparticles using different capping agents
Pınar Acar Bozkurt, Burak Derkuş, Kaan C.Emregül, Muammer Canel
654 Polyethylene glycol as a recyclable reaction medium for gold-catalysed direct oxidative amide synthesis from aldehydes and amines
Hui-liang Jiang, Jie Zhao
657 A cleavage reaction of benzothiazole with cyclic 1,3-dicarbonyls in the presence of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 
Ayman Mohammed Yousif Suliman, Yanjun Li, Shaonan Zhang, Yu Yuan
661 Synthesis, crystal structure and fluorescent properties of a novel benzothiazole-derived fluorescent probe for Zn2+
Fan Fang-Lu, Jing Jin-Qiu, Chen Xue-Mei
665 The synthesis of 2,6-diamino-9-ß-D-arabinofuranosylpurine from vidarabine by the selective nitration and ammonolysis
Ran Xia, Li-Ping Sun, Xi-Ning Yang, Gui-Rong Qu
668 Efficient green synthesis of N'-benzylidene-2-(2-fluorobiphenyl) propanehydrazides: crystal structure and anti-oxidant potential 
Muhammad Zaheer, Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman, Nadia Jamil, Muhammad Nadeem Arshad, Sabahat Zahra Siddiqui, Abdullah Mohammad Asiri
674 An improved synthesis of 6-o-methyl-scutellarein through selective benzylation 
Wei Zhang, Ze-Xi Dong, Ting Gu, Nian-Guang Li, Wen-Yu Wu, Peng-Xuan Zhang, Yu-Ping Tang, Jian-Ping Yang, Xin Xue, Fang Fang, He-Min Li, Hai-Bo Cheng, Jin-Ao Duan, Zhi-Hao Shi