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Contents: Materials At High Temperatures Volume 28 Issue 4 2011

Posted on 29. November, 2011.

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Materials at High Temperatures publishes peer reviewed contributions relating to high temperature applications in the power, chemical, engine, processing and furnace industries.

259Observations of native oxides on ion beam polished heterogeneous Cr–Mo weld TEM foil specimens
Karl Dawson and Gordon J. Tatlock
264Measurement of Young’s modulus of oxides at high temperature related to the oxidation story
Isao Saeki, Takuto Ohno, Daigo Seto, Ofuyu Sakai, Yusuke Sugiyama, Tadao Sato, Akira Yamauchi, Kazuya Kurokawa,Mikako Takeda and Takashi Onishi
269 Oxide scale formation and morphology on austenitic stainless steel at medium annealing temperatures 
G. Green and R.L. Higginson
274Evolution of the metal–oxide interface during the initial stage of the high temperature oxidation of ferritic stainless steels
Jerome Issartel, Se¤bastien Martoia, Frederic Charlot, Valerie Parry, Yves Wouters and Alain Galerie
279The effect of alloying additions on the oxide morphologies of super-heater tubes at elevated temperatures
R.L. Higginson, L. Millar, G.West and J. Hulance
285Microstructural analysis of oxide layer formation of ferritic stainless steel interconnects
Dong-Ik Kim, Seung Hee Hong, Madakashira P. Phaniraj, Heung Nam Han, Jae-Pyoung Ahn and Young Whan Cho
290Review of factors affecting steam oxidation testing
A.T. Fry and E.M. Piedra
297Oxidation of Fe–Si alloys in CO2–H2O atmospheres
Huan Li, Jianqiang Zhang and David J. Young
302The influence of platinum on the oxidation and sodium sulfate induced hot corrosion of NiAl diffusion coatings
H. Lai, P. Knutsson and K. Stiller
309Performance of thermal barrier coatings in industrial gas turbine conditions
Maud Seraffon, Nigel J. Simms, John R. Nicholls, Joy Sumner and John Nunn
315The CaSO4 phase in fully infiltrated electron-beam physical vapour deposited yttria stabilized zirconia top coats from engine hardware
W. Braue, P. Mechnich and P.W.M. Peters
324Oxidation behaviour of TiAlYN/CrN and CrAlYN/CrN nanoscale multilayer coatings with Al2O3 topcoat deposited on -TiAl alloys
R. Braun, A. Lange, P.Eh. Hovsepian, A.P. Ehiasarian, R. Tietema and C. Leyens
336Oxygen influenced intergranular crack propagation: analysing microstructure and chemistry in the crack tip region
L. Viskari, S. Johansson and K. Stiller
342High-temperature oxidation of FeCrAl(Y, Pt) alloys in oxygen–water vapour
Tadaaki Amano
349Photoelectrochemical investigations on individual ferritic and austenitic grains of a duplex stainless steel oxidized in water vapour
A. Srisrual, J.-P. Petit, Y. Wouters, C. Pasca and A. Galerie
355Microscopical investigation of steamside oxide on X20CrMoV121 superheater tubes
Melanie Montgomery, Anette N. Hansson, S_ren A. Jensen and Tommy Vilhelmsen
361Microstructural characterization of oxide scales formed on steels P91 and P92
E.O. Mogire, R.L. Higginson, A.T. Fry and R.C. Thomson
369High temperature oxidation and corrosion of gas turbine component materials in burner rig exposures
Joy Sumner, Adriana Encinas-Oropesa, Nigel J. Simms and John E. Oakey
377Scaling and internal oxidation of -CuSn alloy
Megha N. Dubey, Samuel Jouen, Xavier Sauvage, Beatrice Hannoyer