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Contents: Materials At High Temperatures Volume 29 Issue 4 2012

Posted on 3. December, 2012.

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Materials at High Temperatures publishes peer reviewed contributions relating to high temperature applications in the power, chemical, engine, processing and furnace industries.


Japanese studies on high-temperature materials and structures

Yukio Takahashi
280Prediction of deformation and failure of modified 9Cr–1Mo steel under creep-fatigue interaction
Yukio Takahashi
293 Effect of groove configuration on Type-IV creep damages in Gr.122 steel welds 
Masaaki Tabuchi, Hiromichi Hongo, TakashiWatanabe and Kota Sawada
301Geometrical influence for creep damage evaluation of IN738LC using electron backscatter diffraction
Daisuke Kobayashi, MasamichiMiyabe, Yukio Kagiya, Yoshiko Nagumo, Ryuji Sugiura, Takashi Matsuzaki and A. Toshimitsu Yokobori Jr
308Anisotropic viscoplasticity constitutive model for directionally solidified superalloy
Masatsugu Yaguchi
315Creep-fatigue life assessment for three kinds of solders
Shengde Zhang and Masao Sakane
322Homogenised elasto-viscoplastic material modelling of thick perforated plates at high temperature
Kazutaka Ikenoya, Nobutada Ohno and Naoto Kasahara
330Numerical evaluation of inhomogeneity forces in a coating layer due to thermal loading
Shoji Imatani and Ek-u Thammakornbunjut


General Papers   

340Formation of rafting and cellular-like precipitates during creep
K. Zhao
344Studies on structural and electrical properties of copper-doped zinc oxide powders prepared by a solid state method at high temperatures
Hakan Colak and Orhan Turkoglu
351Effect of mean stress and stress amplitude on the ratcheting behaviour of 316LN stainless steel under dynamic strain aging regime
Aritra Sarkar, A. Nagesha, R. Sandhya and M.D. Mathew
359A comparison of three weld consumables for P92 under creep
D.W.J. Tanner, K. Chalk,W. Sun, P.H. Shipway and T.H. Hyde