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Contents: Materials At High Temperatures Volume 30 Issue 1 2013

Posted on 8. May, 2013.

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Materials at High Temperatures publishes peer reviewed contributions relating to high temperature applications in the power, chemical, engine, processing and furnace industries.

1Introduction: 2nd International Workshop on Thermo-mechanical Fatigue
Guest Editor: Hellmuth Klingelhöffer
2A review of thermo-mechanical fatigue behaviour in polycrystalline nickel superalloys for turbine disc applications
R.J. Lancaster, M.T. Whittaker and S.J. Williams
13 Service-cycle component-feature specimen thermo-mechanical fatigue testing 
Marko Radosavljevic, Stuart R. Holdsworth, Patrick Grossmann, Luca Ripamonti and Edoardo Mazza
19Thermo-mechanical fatigue tests on MarM-247 nickel-based superalloy using the direct resistance method
A.García de la Yedra, J. L. Pedrejón and A. Martín-Meizoso
27Cyclic deformation and lifetime of Alloy 617B during thermo-mechanical fatigue
Gerhard Maier, Hermann Riedel, Britta Nieweg, Christoph Somsen, Gunther Eggeler, Jutta Klöwer and Ralf Mohrmann
36A new ferritic stainless steel with improved thermo-mechanical fatigue resistance for exhaust parts
Laurent Faivre, Pierre-Olivier Santacreu and Antoine Acher
43Thermo-mechanical and low cycle fatigue behaviour of a nickel-base superalloy at elevated temperatures
Björn Buchholz, Harald Harders and Uwe Gampe
49Development of fatigue crack growth testing under thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions
S. Jacques, M. Lynch, A. Wisbey, S. Stekovic and S. Williams
62Influence of protective coatings on damage mechanisms and lifetime of Alloy 247 DS in thermo-mechanical fatigue tests
Olena Trunova, Tilmann Beck and Lorenz Singheiser
69Thermo-mechanical fatigue of a wrought nickel based alloy
Ernst E. Affeldt and Lorena Cerdan de la Cruz
77Deformation and microstructure evolution of a duplex stainless steel under out-of-phase thermo-mechanical fatigue
R. Kolmorgen, A. Weidner and H. Biermann
83Thermo-mechanical fatigue testing of a rhenium-free single-crystalline super alloy
Michael Rupp and Ernst E. Affeldt