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Contents: Progress In Reaction Kinetics And Mechanism Volume 38 Issue 4 2013

Posted on 11. December, 2013.

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Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism presents results from the fields of kinetics and mechanisms of chemical processes in the gas phase and solution of both simple and complex systems.

323First-principles kinetics of n-octyl radicals
Artur Ratkiewicz
342Theoretical study of a reaction mechanism of tropospheric interest:CH3CH2F + OH
Hongliang Wang, Bingxing Wang, Bingli Wang and Bing Yang
359 Intracellular viral infection kinetics using a stochastic approach
Farid Taherkhani, Fariborz Taherkhani, Hamed Rezania and Hamed Akbarzadeh
377Electrochemical and computational analysis of solvent effects on the kinetics of reaction of nitrite ion with o‑quinone
Esmail Tammari and Mohammad Haghgu
387Theoretical study of N2O formation from NO and H2 over Au nanoparticles
Yingying Wang and Xueying Zhu
397Novel approach to the ultrasonic degradation of polymers: development of a general kinetic equation
Si Ye Tang, Ye Wang and Dazhuang Liu
408N-Phenyl-1-methyl-6-methylenecyclohexa-2,4-dienylmethanimine retro cheletropic-ene reaction, a theoretical kinetic study
M. Izadyar
417Photocatalytic mechanism of Bi2Fe4O9 nanoparticles in the degradation of methylene blue
T. Xian, H. Yang, W. Xian, X.F. Chen and J.F. Dai
425Alkylation of thiophenic compounds with 1-hexene over sulfonated solid acid catalysts
Yingmin Yu, Ruying Li and Qingsong Li