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Contents: Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism, Volume 40, No.4, 2015

Posted on 16. November, 2015.

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Progress in Reaction Kinetics and Mechanism presents results from the fields of kinetics and mechanisms of chemical processes in the gas phase and solution of both simple and complex systems.

313 Synthesis, characterisation, in vitro DNA binding properties and antioxidant activities of Ln(III) complexes with chromone-3-carbaldehyde-(2´-hydroxy) benzoyl hydrazone 
Yong Li, Zheng-yin Yang, Tian-rong Li
330 Investigation of hydrogen reduction of cuprous sulfide through the Law of Additive Reactions using a virtual model 
Bahador Abolpour, M.Mehdi Afsahi
343 Catalytic conversion of N2O over palladium catalysts based on dealuminated faujasite
Hanene Najar, Mongia Saïd Zina, Gerard Delahay, Abdelhamid Ghorbel
353 Dehydrogenation–hydrogenation of methylcyclohexane-toluene system on 1.0 wt% Pt/zeolite beta catalyst
Muhammad R.Usman, Faisal M.Alotaibi, Rabya Aslam
367 Kinetics of esterification of acetic acid and methanol using Amberlyst 36 cation-exchange resin solid catalys
Mallaiah Mekala, Venkat Reddy Goli
383 Diels–Alder versus 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition pathways in the reaction of C20 fullerene and 2-furan nitrile oxide 
Seyyed Amir Siadati, Ali Mirabi
391 DNA cleavage activity: comparison of two lanthanum complexes based on aza-crown ethers with different numbers of nitrogen atoms
Lan Yu, Fang-zhen Li, Jia-qing Xie, Shulan Cai
402 A proposed kinetic model for hydrogen sorption in MgH2
Wasikur Rahman
409 Synthesis of dihydropyrazole derivatives using modified calcium oxide as a solid basic catalyst 
Ying Tang, Li Zhang, Shanshan Wang, Jie Zhang, Yanqing Miao