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Contents: Science Progress Volume 94 Part 2 2011

Posted on 21. June, 2011.

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One hundred years of reporting science...


109How half a century of research was required to understand bacterial growth on C1 and C2 compounds; the story of the serine cycle and the ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway
Christopher Anthony


139An invitation to molecular magnetism
Dawid Pinkowicz, Szymon Chorąży and Olaf Stefańczyk



Current commentaries:

184Recent initiatives in experimental thermodynamic studies on ionic liquids [IL]–the emergence of a standard thermochemical database for ILs


211Ionic liquids and green futures
220 EPSRC/RSC joint report “The economic benefits of chemistry research for the UK”


Life science updates:

232Miracle molecules of our age: ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid


241Book Reviews


244One hundred years ago in Science Progress…


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