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Contents: Science Progress Volume 96 Part 1 2013

Posted on 8. April, 2013.

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Science Progress commissions world authorities to contribute articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful topics - ranging from cosmology to the environment, and publishes occasional issues on specific topics.


1Optical trapping of nanoparticles by ultrashort laser pulses
Anwar Usman, Wei-Yi Chiang and Hiroshi Masuhara


19The treatment of Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic disorder of copper metabolism
Rupert Purchase


33Prediction of protein contacts from correlated sequence substitutions
Michael I. Sadowski and William R. Taylor


43Antisense RNA regulation and application in the development of novel antibiotics to combat multidrug resistant bacteria
Yinduo Ji and Ting Lei


61Finding research information on the web: how to make the most of Google and other free search tools
Karen Blakeman


85Utilisation of biochar and superabsorbent polymers for soil amendment
M.O. Ekebafe, L.O. Ekebafe and M. Maliki




95Large Hadron Collider (LHC)


110Events Diary