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Avian Biology Research Is Spreading Its Wings!

Posted on 19. July, 2010.

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In August, two of our Editorial team will be attending International conferences. We hope to include reports from conferences in future issues of Avian Biology Research.

Dr Charles Deeming, our Editor-in-Chief, will be representing the journal on the 23–27 August 2010 at the XIII European Poultry Conference that will be held in Tours, France. The conference will include such subject matters as recent scientific findings, progress in technical experience and solutions to help the poultry industry face its future.

The XIIIth European Poultry Conference will be an occasion to demonstrate that the Loire Valley, well known for its past implication in French history and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, can contribute to the construction of the future of the European poultry industry.

Shortly afterward a long-standing member of our Editorial Board, Professor John C. Wingfield, will be Congress President of the XXV International Ornithological Congress to be held in Campos do Jordão, Brazil, from August 22 – 28, 2010. This will be the first International Ornithological Congress to be held in Latin America organised under the auspices of the Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia.

In this age of rapid global change and loss of biodiversity, scientists from all continents will discuss basic research, conservation and educational issues that are critical now and for the future. A trademark of the Congress is coverage of topics from ecology, behaviour and evolutionary biology to molecular biology and physiology, not only as individual disciplines but also in highly integrative ways. A symposium on avian genomics will provide 21st century research tools for all branches of ornithology.

Conference Programmes

XIII European Poultry Conference - Tuesday 24th August 2010

Feed and feedstuff
Reproduction, incubation
S. Poultry Product Safety  
Welfare and Behaviour
Nutrition, digestion
Environmental Control of Reproduction
Poultry Product Safety
Economics, Marketing
Nutrition, digestion
Alternative Poultry Systems
Poultry Product Safety
Education and Technology Transfer

XIII European Poultry Conference - Wednesday 25th August 2010

Feed technology and Feed Intake
Meat Quality
Avian Pathology
Innovative Feeding Strategies
Avian Physiology
Genetics and Biodiversity
Avian Pathology
Phosphorus Metabolism
Avian Physiology
Education and Technology Transfer
Growth and Development

XIII European Poultry Conference - Thursday 26th August 2010

Meat Quality
Poultry Welfare
Q. Egg Quality
Family Poultry Production
Nutrition and Metabolism
Egg Quality
Alternative Poultry Productions
Sustainability of Poultry Production
Gene expression
Egg Fabric
Mineral Nutrition

Learn more about this conference at

Click here for your welcome and invitation to the International Ornithological Congress 2010 from the Congress President, John Wingfield.