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Nutrimetabonomics: nutritional applications of metabolic profiling

Posted on 20. March, 2014.

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An individual’s metabolic phenotype, and ultimately health, is significantly influenced by complex interactions between their genes and the diet. Studying these associations and their downstream biochemical consequences has proven extremely challenging using traditional hypothesis-led strategies. Metabonomics, a systems biology approach, allows the global metabolic response of biological systems to stimuli to be characterized.

Through the application of this approach to nutritional-based research, nutrimetabonomics, the biochemical response to dietary inputs is being investigated at greater levels of resolution. This has allowed novel insights to be gained regarding intricate diet-gene interactions and their consequences for health and disease. In this review, we present some of the latest research exploring how nutrimetabonomics can assist in the elucidation of novel biomarkers of dietary behavior and provide new perspectives on diet-health relationships. The use of this approach to study the metabolic interplay between the gut microbiota and the host is also explored.

Read the full article in Science Progress, Volume 97, Number 1, March 2014, pp. 41-47