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Brief Report: TWAS-ARO 6th Annual Meeting

Posted on 3. March, 2011.

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The meeting took place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) on the 22nd and 23rd of December 2010 its theme being “Linking Research Institutions, Universities, and Industry in the Arab World”.

TWAS–ARO 6th annual meeting was organized by the CSSP (Center for Special Studies and Programs), Bibliotheca Alexandrina that hosts the Arab Regional Office of the Academy of Sciences for the developing world (TWAS–ARO).

The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World-Arab Regional Office (TWAS–ARO) represents all 22 Arab countries. TWAS Arab members include 65 distinguished scientists residing in 12 different Arab countries and abroad including Nobel Laureates such as Ahmed Zewail, and other eminent scientists such as Farouk El-Baz.

As a continuation of the tradition started in June 2005, TWAS–ARO members and young affiliates meet at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina once every year. It is an important gathering that brings together distinguished speakers through rich discussions that aim to promote scientific interest and excellence for sustainable development in the region. This year, the meeting was composed of a series of lectures and panel discussions to the public audience.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Linking Research Institutions, Universities, and Industry in the Arab World” aimed at creating self-consciousness and cooperation among Arab countries, in addition to exploring ways to improve knowledge transfer between research institutions and industry in particular. TWAS–ARO members, young affiliates as well as other eminent speakers gave a talk and actively participated in a panel discussion around the meeting’s topic.

In addition, registrants of the event also had priority to attend the Public Lecture of Prof. Mostafa El-Sayed, Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA which was held on the 23rd December 2010 at the BA, with the topic: “Beating Cancer Cells to Death with Gold Nanoparticles in More than One Way”.

Event eminent speakers and TWAS–ARO members:

ABDOU, Mohamed  
Director, Energy and Fusion Centers, University of California, Los Angeles (Egypt)
Founder, SEKEM (Egypt)
AZZAM, Rasheed
Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of New Orleans (Egypt)
Professor, Biology Department, American University of Beirut (Lebanon)
El-GAMAL, Yousry
Chairman of BOT, Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) and former Minister of Education (Egypt)
EL-SAYED, Mostafa
Professor, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Georgia Institute of Technology (Egypt)
HAMDAN, Mohamed
Senior Advisor, Arab Open University (Jordan)
HASSAN, Rashid
Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa (CEEPA), South Africa University of Pretoria (Sudan)
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University (Egypt)
President, Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology - E-JUST (Egypt)
SALIH, Abdin
Professor, University of Khartoum (Sudan)
President and CEO, Quartek Cooperation (Palestine)
Advisor to the President, International and External Relations, Egypt- Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) (Egypt)

Event Sponsors:

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Center for Special Studies and Programs
  • The Academy of Sciences for the developing world (TWAS)
  • The Academy of Sciences for the developing world- Arab Regional Office (TWAS–ARO)

Event Statistical Snapshot of attended participants:

Total attendees: 317

  • Students: 82
  • Academia: 93
  • Others: 142