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Fossil fuel use is limited by climate, if not by resources, and “Peak Soil”.

Posted on 1. May, 2015.

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Originally the Earth was barren rock, but was transformed into a vibrant living planet by soil. So where did the soil come from and why is it so important? What is it that gives soil its amazing life-generating force?

In a forest, everything is supported by what is inherently in the ground, whereas in a human-tended garden or farm, fertilisers are added to replenish what is lost from the soil. In the forest too, those nutrients must also be replaced, but this is largely accomplished through the symbiotic balance of natural processes.

Read this free "Current Commentary" article by Professor Chris Rhodes in Science Progress, Volume 98, Number 1, March 2015, pp. 73-82.

DOI: 10.3184/003685015X14246940228343

Image: "Hyphae" by TheAlphaWolf - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons