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Some Spectroscopic Problems In Practical Organic Chemistry

Posted on 11. October, 2018.

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A book of undergraduate organic chemistry experiments by Professor Jim Hanson

Over the years, there have been significant developments in the application of spectroscopic methods to organic chemistry. These have been reflected in changes to undergraduate experiments through which Professor Hanson has tried to enhance the student's laboratory experience.
This book contains a collection of undergraduate organic chemistry experiments which involve spectroscopic methods, particularly IR and NMR in a central role. Some of the experiments illustrate diagnostic changes in spectra whilst others are problems which require the interpretation of spectra for their solution.
There are over fifty experiments grouped into chapters on oxidation and reduction, acetylation of aromatic amines and phenols, the formation of C-C bonds, aromatic substitution, heterocyclic ring formation and the identification of unknown substances.
Whereas some of the experiments are suitable for first year classes, others may be used with more advanced students and could even form the basis of an extended exercise prior to an undergraduate research project.
All the experiments have been used in undergraduate laboratory classes under the author's supervision and most are based on well-established procedures which can be carried out in a normal teaching laboratory.

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ISBN: 978-1-900814-47-8

About the author:  Professor James Hanson studied chemistry and carried out research at Oxford and Imperial College, London. After three years working on the chemistry and biosynthesis of plant hormones for ICI at The Frythe, he joined the staff of the University of Sussex where he was an Emeritus Professor.