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SPECIAL OFFER: Avian Biology Research Double Issue

Posted on 15. October, 2010.

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In commercial poultry production, incubation is pivotal in maximising production and quality and yet an understanding of this process is sometimes lacking in managers of hatcheries. In part this is due to the failure of knowledge transfer between scientists and the industry.

The Incubation & Fertility Research Group (IFRG) has been working to try to resolve this problem for over 30 years by encouraging both scientists and practitioners to attend their annual meetings. The abstracts of these meetings have been published in Avian Biology Research (and its predecessors Avian & Poultry Biology Reviews and Poultry & Avian Biology Reviews), which it is hoped helps to disseminate the latest research into incubation and fertility.

In 2001 and 2002 books were produced by the IFRG which sought to describe embryonic development and incubation in plain language and so help inform the industry of the latest research ideas and practices. These books were authored by leading experts from around the world in the various topics.

This double issue of Avian Biology Research, published in early 2009, reproduces the various chapters from both books. It is hoped that this will make the information more widely available to the commercial and scientific communities and so provide practical help to the former and perhaps inspiration to the latter to continue with incubation research into the 21st Century.

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