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Synthesis and insecticidal evaluation of aryl pyrazole 5‑fluorouracil compounds

Posted on 5. June, 2014.

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Aryl pyrazole derivatives occupy an important position in medicinal and pesticide chemistry because of their diverse 

They are widely used as insecticides, fungicides and acaricides. For example, geranyl pyrazole‑5‑formate, (Compound A),designed and synthesised by Sun et al. was proved to possess an excellent insecticidal activity against aphids. The aryl pyrazole derivative (Compound B), displayed a strong action against Plutella xylostella, Heliothis virescens and certain other species of sucking insects. Chlorantraniliprole analogue (Compound C), was reported to show an excellent performance on controlling a spectrum of agronomic invertebrate pests. With growing applications on their synthesis and bioactivity, chemists and biologists have directed considerable attention to the research and application of aryl pyrazole derivatives in recent years.


Authors: Yue Chen, Xiao‑Dong Fu, Hai‑Ping Mu, Xiao‑Fei Qin and Rong Wan
Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Science, Nanjing University of Technology, Nanjing 210009, P.R. China


Read the full article in Journal of Chemical Research, Volume 38, Number 5, May 2014, pp. 272-279.