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Chemical Speciation & Bioavailability ISSN 0954-2299

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Volume 26 Issue 4 2014

Chemical Speciation & Bioavailability covers all aspects of environmental science and pollution.

199 Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability: change of publishing arrangements 
200 Trace metal fractionation in water and sediments of an urban river stretch 
Rahul Kumar, Manviri Rani, Himanshu Gupta, Bina Gupta
210 Time evolution of Pb(II) speciation in Pampa soil fractions
Gisele V.Ferreyroa, Andrea C.Montenegro, Mabel B.Tudino, Raúl S.Lavado, Fernando V.Molina
219 Investigation of heavy metal mobility and availability by the BCR sequential extraction procedure: relationship between soil properties and heavy metals availability 
Ali Sungur, Mustafa Soylak, Hasan Ozcan
231 Formation of binary complexes of Pb(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) with maleic acid in CTAB–water mixtures
Malla Ramanaiah, S. Goutham Sri, B.B.V.Sailaja
240 Synthesis of some new antibacterial active cadmium and mercury complexes of 4-(3-(2-(4-(dimethyl aminophenyl allylidene aminopropyl-imino)prop-1-ethyl)-N,N-dimethyl benzene amine
Morteza Montazerozohori, Masoud Nasr-Esfahani, Maryam Hoseinpour, Asghar Naghiha, Saeedeh Zahedi
249 Preparation of encapsulated urea-kaolinite controlled release fertiliser and their effect on rice productivity
Bita Roshanravan, Shahram Mahmoud Soltani, Fariba Mahdavi, Suraya Abdul Rashid, Mohd Khanif Yusop
257 Toxicity, bioaccumulation and biomagnification of silver nanoparticles in green algae (Chlorella sp.), water flea (Moina macrocopa), blood worm (Chironomus spp.) and silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus)
Maneekarn Yoo-Iam, Ratcha Chaichana, Tunlawit Satapanajaru
266 Influence of dielectric constant on protonation equilibria of maleic acid and L-asparagine in acetonitrile water–mixtures
Choppa Nageswara Rao, Malla Ramanaiah, B.B.V.Sailaja
273 Sequential extraction analysis of metals in sediments from the Hara Biosphere Reserve of Southern Iran
Mohsen Nowrouzi, Alireza Pourkhabbaz, Mohammadreza Rezaei
278 Effects of storage on the sequential extraction of micronutrients and trace elements in fruit and vegetable residue flour
Luana Sarpa Reis, Édira C.B.A.Gonçalves

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