About Us

Science Reviews 2000 Ltd is a specialist publisher with more than 40 years' experience in providing world-class information to professional scientists across all disciplines. We publish four journals and several books.

Why publish with us?

• Submission is easy via our online system.
• Every paper is peer reviewed by our international team of editors and referees.
• Authors can monitor the reviewing process online and receive comprehensive feedback.
• There are no page publication charges.
• There is no extra charge for colour on any pages.
• Every paper is carefully copyedited and help is given to non-English speakers.
• Authors receive an offprint link to the final version of their paper.
• Articles are advertised on social media such as twitter and Linkedin.
• Authors receive free regular newsletters and table of contents alerts.
• A large discount is given to the author’s institution for an annual online subscription.
• Personal attention is paid to any author’s question sent to info@sciencereviews2000.co.uk
• We aim to provide cutting-edge journals and books to scientists worldwide.

Our History

Science Reviews 2000 Ltd is an independent, family owned academic publisher founded by Dr Peter and Professor Margaret Farago. Peter and Margaret met whilst studying chemistry at UCL, UK and began their publishing business over 40 years ago. Peter went on to a career in scientific journalism culminating in his editorship of Chemistry in Britain (now Chemistry World). On his retirement, he concentrated on building up his own publishing company. Peter sadly died on 7th June 2013.

Margaret Farago concentrated on teaching and research in chemical aspects of environmental chemistry at Bedford College, Royal Holloway College and then Imperial College London. After her retirement in the UK, she became a Visiting Professor at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA. This move enabled her and Peter to be closer to their daughter Catherine Henchek.

Catherine studied journalism at Northwestern University and settled in Chicago. Always interested in the family business, she took on numerous freelance projects for the company. Following Peter’s retirement in 2005, she was delighted to take over as Managing Director of the company.

Sara Nash started working on journals in 1974 at the Royal Society of Chemistry before becoming copy-editor of Nature. She left there to work with Peter and Margaret in 1984. She took overall charge of editorial production from 1990 until her retirement in December 2015. She became a Non-Executive Director of the company in January 2016.

Our Publishing Manager, Christine Evans joined the in-house team in 2008. She has used her background in print and design to develop the image of our company, journals and books and continues to do so. In addition, Christine deals with finance, advertising and design on behalf of Science Reviews 2000 Ltd. She is also Production Editor of Science Progress and Avian Biology Research.

Together with its international team of editors and advisory board members, Science Reviews 2000 Ltd continues to provide a comprehensive publishing service to its authors and readers across both academia and industry.

Contact any of us at info@sciencereviews2000.co.uk