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Farewell to Materials at High Temperatures

Posted on 20. December, 2013.

With the publication of Volume 30, Issue 4, Science Reviews 2000 bids farewell to Materials at High Temperatures. From January 2014 this highly respected journal will be produced by Maney Publishing. Click here to read the press release.

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Change of publishing arrangements

Posted on 19. August, 2013.

From the beginning of the 2014 volume, Materials at High Temperatures will be published by Maney Publishing.

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Thermo-mechanical fatigue - a special issue

Posted on 6. June, 2013.

Thermo-mechanical fatigue loading data are used in material choices, engineering design and life time prediction of components in the aerospace, power and automotive engineering sectors. A special issue of Materials at High Temperatures reviews this important topic.

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MO8 Proceedings Now Available in Book and CD Format

Posted on 27. November, 2012.

The proceedings of the eighth International Conference on the Microscopy of Oxidation are now available in book and CD format for you to order.

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Dr Bilal Dogan...

Posted on 12. November, 2012.

We are sad to announce that Dr Bilal Dogan has recently passed away.

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Microstructural analysis of steam oxidation of IN617 for use in ultra-supercritical steam plants

Posted on 4. July, 2012.

A major step towards the UK’s goals of reducing carbon emissions can be made by improving the efficiency of the steam driven power plant.

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Particle precipitation phenomena

Posted on 10. April, 2012.

Intense precipitation that occurs in high-temperature materials during service significantly affects their mechanical properties. This phenomenon in austenitic steel is investigated from two perspectives in the latest issue of Materials at High Temperatures.

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Creep-Fatigue Assessment

Posted on 28. October, 2011.

The problems of assessing creep-fatigue interaction in power plant steels are reviewed in the latest issue of Materials at High Temperatures. Stuart Holdsworth describes how defect-free or defect assessment procedures may be employed depending on component materials.

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Crack tips on microscopy of oxidation

Posted on 21. October, 2011.

Time-dependent intergranular crack-growth in Ni-base superalloys is well known, however, there is a lack of understanding of the detailed effects of oxygen interaction in the crack tips.  The methodology of accessing and analysing this region is described in Materials at High Temperatures 28(4) which highlights some of the issues arising from  Microscopy of Oxidation 8.

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