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Material in SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD and other publishers' publications is subject to all applicable copyright, database protection, and other rights. Therefore for any article, whether printed or electronic, permission must be obtained to use material for which the author(s) does not already own the copyright. This material may be, for example, a figure, diagram, table, photo or some other image. Note that permission is not needed to re-use your own figures, diagrams, etc, that were originally published in a SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD publication. However, permission should be requested for use of the whole article.

Use of Third Party Material in SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD Publications

SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD must ensure that the material we publish does not infringe the copyright of others. We require the author(s) to obtain, at the earliest opportunity, the relevant permissions that might be needed from third parties to include material that belongs to someone else. Please complete and submit the Permission Request Form for non-SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD Material. Please plan to submit your request well ahead of publication of your material.

Use of SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD Material in Non-SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD Publications

If you require permission to use material from a SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD publication you must complete and submit the online Permission Request Form (or the printed Permission Request Form) for SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD Material. Requests are usually for use of a figure or diagram, but they may also be for use of the entire paper. Requests to use individual figures or diagrams are invariably granted as long as the figure has come from the original SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD author and not from another author from whom permission had to be obtained. Permission for another publisher to print an entire SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD paper may be granted in special circumstances. Please plan to submit your request well ahead of publication of your material and allow at least seven working days for your request to be processed. Please note that SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD is unable to supply artwork for the material you may wish to reproduce. SCIENCE REVIEWS 2000 LTD is a signatory to the STM Guidelines on Permissions.

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