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Science Progress ISSN 0036-8504

Contents: Science Progress, Volume 101, Number 3, September 2018

Science Progress invites world authorities to contribute review articles on the most interesting, important and meaningful scientific topics, and publishes occasional issues on specific themes. Contributions should aid significantly the understanding of any area of science including climate/environmental change, geochemistry, biochemistry, biology, technology, cosmology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, medicine and health.

207 Plastic pollution and potential solutions
Christopher J. Rhodes
261 Occam's razor: from Ockham's via moderna to modern data science
Hugo A. Van Den Berg
273 Biologically-derived nanomaterials for targeted therapeutic delivery to the brain
Stephanie M. Curley, Nathaniel C. Cady
293 Bibliometrics in a digital age: help or hindrance 
Karen Blakeman