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Contents: Journal of Chemical Research , Volume 42, Issue No.10 October 2018

The Journal of Chemical Research is a monthly journal which has a broad international authorship and publishes research papers and reviews in all branches of experimental chemistry. Established in 1977 as a joint venture by the British, French and German chemical societies it maintains the high standards set by the founding societies.

497 Tribute to James R. Hanson 
Alwyn G. Davies
498 Microbiological hydroxylations with Cephalosporium aphidicola 
James R. Hanson
504 Synthesis, crystal structure and antitumour activity of 3-amino-N-[4-chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-4-morpholino-1H-indazole-1-carboxamide 
Xiao-hui Ji, Ling-xia Jin, Cai-bin Zhao, Nan Zheng, Juan Song, Hong-guang Ge, Quan Liu, Jiu-fu Lu
508 Synthesis and characterisation of novel 3-(4-benzoyl-5-phenylfuran-2-yl) coumarins 
Wang Weidong, Zhao Fang, Hu Yang, Li Qiao, Hu Shengli
512 Preparation, characterisation, crystal structure and antibacterial activity of two bis-Schiff bases containing a piperazine ring 
Rui-bo Xu, Xiao-tian Yang, Hai-nan Li, Peng-cheng Zhao, Jiao-jiao Li, Yu-xia Zhao
515 Synthesis of 3-phenylsulfonylcoumarins by cyclisation of phenyl propiolates with sulfinic acids or sodium sulfinates 
Hexiang Ren, Yuanyang Mu, Ming Zhang, Ai Qin Zhang
521 Electrosynthesis of nanoparticles of 2-amino-4H-pyrans by one-pot reaction between aromatic aldehydes, malononitrile and 4,4,4-trifluoro-1-phenylbuta-1,3-dione 
Esmaeil Goodarzi, Behrooz Mirza
525 Catalyst-free, one-pot, three-component synthesis of pyrimido[4,5-b]quinoline-4-amines under microwave irradiation 
Jiao Xu, Li Hong Zhang, Xiu Bo Liu, Wei Ma, LingMa, Yan Ma, Jian Nan Yang, Dao Lin Wang
529 A new flavanone from Spatholobus suberectus dunn
Ruo-Xi Liu, Yi-Lian Xu, Lie-Feng Ma, You-Min Ying, Zha-Jun Zha
531 Aldehyde-substituted donor–acceptor-type dithienylethenes as novel building blocks for photochromic materials 
Yangyang Wang, Mengna Li, Yufei Song, Ming Qin, Xuehui Li, Liye Wang, Chaoyang Li, Ziyong Li
535 Synthesis of novel 6-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridazin-3(2H)-one derivatives and their preliminary biological evaluation
Aleksandr P. Yengoyan, Roza S. Shainova, Tiruhi A. Gomktsyan, Armen V. Karapetyan

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