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Contents: Avian Biology Research, Volume 11, Number 2, June 2018

Avian Biology Research provides a forum for people working in every field of ornithology, including avian health, genetic effects and threats to avian species in their natural habitats.

67 Effects of supplemental food on the behaviour and paternity status of male Indigo Buntings (Passerina cyanea) 
Brad T. McLeod, Gary Ritchison
74 Examining unihemispheric sleep and its potential relation to lateral resting behaviour and unipedal resting stance in Caribbean Flamingos 
Matthew J. Anderson, Autumn G. Jones, Amanda P. Schlosnagle, Michelle L. King, Angela Perretti
80 Cryoprotective effect of glycerol concentrations on Indian Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus murghi) spermatozoa 
Bushra Allah Rakha, Muhammad Sajjad Ansari, Shamim Akhter, Elisabeth Blesbois
89 Migration routes and stopover sites of Upland Geese Chloephaga picta in South America 
Julieta Pedrana, Klemens Pütz, Lucía Bernad, Juan Pablo Seco Pon, Antonella Gorosabel, Sebastián D. Muñoz, Juan Pablo Isacch, Ricardo Matus, Olivia Blank, Lüthi Benno; Melina Lunardelli, Pablo Rojas
100 Egg size and shape variation in Rufous Bush Chats Cercotrichas galactotes breeding in date palm plantations: hatching success increases with egg elongation 
Ala-Eddine Adamou, Rabie Tabib, Mohamed Kouidri, Mohamed Laïd Ouakid, Michał Glądalski, Jerzy Bańbura
108 Consequences of Multi-Scale Habitat Selection on Reproductive Success of Riverine Sandbar-Nesting Birds in Cambodia 
Andrea H. Claassen, James D. Forester, Todd W. Arnold, Francesca J. Cuthbert
123 Testis Size and Asymmetry in the Guinea Fowl (Numida Meleagris): A Test of the Compensation Hypothesis 
Ibn Iddriss Abdul-Rahman, Frederick Y. Obese, Jane E. Robinson
132 Composition of bird nests is a species-specific characteristic 
Lucia E. Biddle, Robyn E. Broughton, Adrian M. Goodman, D. Charles Deeming
154 Avian News

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