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Volume 11 Issue 1 2018

Avian Biology Research provides a forum for people working in every field of ornithology, including avian health, genetic effects and threats to avian species in their natural habitats.

1 Weather-dependent variation in the winter diet of urban roosting Long-eared Owls (Asio otus) in Pécs (Hungary)
Dávid Szép, Renáta Bocz, Jenö J. Purger
7 Variation in seroprevalence of antibodies against Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Avipoxvirus in nine species of birds with differential access to feeders
Emily R. Van, Elizabeth R. Wrobel, Travis E. Wilcoxen
12 Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii infection in domestic and migrating birds from Mazandaran province, Northern Iran
Afsaneh Amouei, Mehdi Sharif, Seyed Abdollah Hosseini, Shahabeddin Sarvi, Azadeh Mizani, Saeid Salehi, Shirzad Gholami, Tahereh Jafar-Ramaji, Ahmad Daryani
16 Comparative analysis of behavioural response of captive-reared and wild-trapped Northern Bobwhites to simulated predator attacks
Kelly S. Reyna, William L. Newman
24 The impact of the female immune challenge on parental feeding rate, mass and body condition index of offspring
Emilia Grze¸dzicka
35 Effect of variation in nestling hunger levels on the begging behaviour of nestlings and the provisioning behaviour of adult American Kestrels
Katheryn A. Watson, Gary Ritchison
44 Relationship between morphology and trophic ecology in an assemblage of passerine birds in riparian forests of the Paraná River (Argentina)
Virginia Quiroga, Rodrigo E. Lorenzón, Gisela Maglier, Ana L. Ronchi-Virgolini
54 Condition dependence of structural plumage coverage in Indigo Buntings Passerina cyanea
Spencer B. Hudson, Travis E. Wilcoxen
62 Avian News
66 Avian Conference Diary Vol. 11 No. 1 2018
 Cover image: Indigo Bunting nestled in red foliage. 
Credit: John L. Absher/Shutterstock.com

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